Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool: Interesting points before the Premier League game Reds invade the Wolves Cave

1. Wolves are thirsty for blood.

Of the 14 league appearances since Bruno Laj took over from Nuno Santo this season. What has clearly changed is the Wolves’ transition to an offensive team. Perfect Since the start of the season. Only three games have they had less possession of the ball than their opponents. Plus, it’s a team that creates a lot of opportunities to get in. The only thing missing is a sharpness that doesn’t always end when given the opportunity. However in the past month the team seems to have started to settle even more. Both attacking and receiving nine free games after they lost only one game. So it’s going to be very interesting to see the two teams’ fierce. Attacking fronts exchange dignity and measure who’s still standing after 90 minutes.

2. Brutal away game statistics

Having gone 14 league games, Liverpool have an interesting visiting record, with their seven away games away from their opponents this season. Only one game has scored less than three goals against West Ham 3-2 in the remaining six games, all of which have scored more than three goals in total, with 25 more goals than any other team in the field. Manchester City have more than doubled because the Blues have only scored 12 goals, so it can be said that the Reds this year are a real nightmare for the home team.