Watford 1-2 Chelsea Collecting hot issues.

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Watford 1-2 Chelsea: Collecting hot issues after the Premier League game, the Blues invaded, dizzy

1. The game stopped for 30 minutes due to unexpected events.

During the match in the 13th minute, referee David Koote decided to suspend the match and let the players of both teams leave the field. It was because Marcos Alonso informed the referees that a supporter in the stands was in need of urgent medical attention. According to several media reports, the fan was unconscious due to cardiac arrest. This caused the medical team to make an emergency first aid and had to be sent to the hospital immediately. That caused the game to stop for half an hour.

2. Sing Blue has a problem with pressing games.

This appears to be the second in a row that Chelsea’s opponents have planned to push high from the front of the goal. Which obviously makes it difficult for the visiting team to play. And he was unable to set up an offensive game at all until Watford put pressure on him and created clearer shot chances early in the game. Which looks similar to the match against Manchester United last weekend at the navy blue lion army. When it was squeezed high. It turned out to be unable to solve the game until it missed only 1 point in the end. It’s interesting how Tuchel will deal with this problem. Even though they were one of the teams that were known for unpacking their opponent’s press before. even before