Suddenly David Moyes yelled at VAR to score three points.

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Suddenly David Moyes yelled at VAR to score three points.

West Ham United boss David Moyes said emotionally after their 1-1 draw with Brighton in the most recent Premier League game, they are without a win in three games. in the league Especially the decision of VAR not giving them a goal in this game.

“The Hammer” took the lead 1-0 from Tomas Suchek from the 5th minute before the beginning of the second half. They were denied a 2-0 lead and returned to miss the goal late in the game. Make the end of this game divided by one point each.

“I don’t think we played very well. But we were able to create enough chances to come back with a win. At the same time, I agree that the division of points is a fair outcome.”

“However, this decision of VAR is something I do not accept. because it is almost impossible to be close to that rule We won’t get this door. The referee did not go in. But the referee in the VAR room decides it. because for me The last moment it hit Shane Duffy, a player of Brighton. before the door And that I hope I can get the real reason why. My team didn’t score a goal.”

West Ham remain fourth in the table with 14 games played with 24 points, while Brighton are winless in their last nine games