Robertson reveals secret training that has led Liverpool.

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Robertson reveals secret training program that has led Liverpool to scatter goals this season.

Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson has revealed that Secrets that have made the Reds score a lot of goals this season. It is the result of special training since the pre-season itself.

“The number of goals scored is the result of extra training since pre-season. Because the program the coaches designed is to find a way to finish in a variety of different situations, such as 3v2 or 2v1 duels against opponents,” Robbo told LiverpoolFC.

“Can you imagine that in pre-season many players were given additional vacations to help the national team at the Euros? But the coach planned to deal with these things perfectly. So when they come back to report, they can go into a training program quickly without having to spend time adjusting.”

“And when we have enough time for training The penetration style and counter-attacking methods are as dangerous as they appear. I give almost 100% credit to everything we did in pre-season. This includes running to death to increase endurance. because it is equally important.”

“However There is still a long way to go until the end of the season. I would like to say to the fans that all Liverpool players will fight with all their heart to win and score a lot of goals in every game as a present for you.”