Rangnick stated that Manchester United must find the right person

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Rangnick stated that Manchester United must find the right person with the team’s philosophy. To be successful

Manchester United interim manager Ralph Rangnick has said the team must look for personnel who fit the team’s philosophy if they want to return to the top. Rangnick told UFABET

Manchester United are still looking for another success in the Premier League. Where they last won in 2013, while their last trophy came in 2017 and the current season is still a struggle. To compete in the Champions League and Rangnick sees the matter of management within the team is very important. And for example Arsenal is a good way to manage the team.

“Ultimately, it’s about choosing the personnel to join the team. Choose the right player Sign the right players at the right time. It’s not about signing the wrong players, at the wrong time, it’s easy in football. We are talking about the process of recruiting personnel. What kind of players do we need in team football? After that is the right team manager. It would be better if both financially and sports go together well Finished in fourth place.”

“Everyone wants to go and play in the Champions. league together I want to play together every year Some teams have experienced that before, like Arsenal, they didn’t play in the Champions League. the league for the last several years. And they are on the right track and there is a possibility that they will return again.”