Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal Dropped Michael Carrick’s final game.

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Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal: Dropped Michael Carrick’s final game.

1. 800+1 Ronaldo’s goals

Another milestone in the career of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. Ronaldo finished decisively thanks to Rashford’s assist before asking for a positive. Another ball with a penalty that focuses on shooting in the middle of the net.

2. Bruno Fernandes’ 100th game

In the blink of an eye, since

joining in January 2020, Bruno Fernandes has made his 100th appearance for United, during which time he has been involved in 79 goals from goals. With 45 goals and 34 assists, he

doesn’t know if this will be a turning point for him after his recent lack of form has been very good.

3. Fred from Zero to Hero

There is always something to talk about with this Brazilian star who, in addition to passing the ball easily from the beginning of the game, also stepped on De Gea, hurt until the team conceded a goal as well.

However, he seems to play a role in the game. Both in sweeping Arsenal’s offensive game to fill up to help the offensive game often. And of course, he was also the assist for Bruno and called the penalty for Ronaldo in the second half as well.