Great recipe, fish shooting game, hunting for millions

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Great recipe, fish shooting game, hunting for millions, just study our great formula for free follow at UFABET

  • Your gameplay of shooting fish The first technique is to choose to shoot the fish to death. by choosing individual fish Choose the fish that have the most chance of dying as quickly as possible. Because our shooting will be more cost-effective. It’s better to shoot a fish that scores high but dies slowly, for example, if you shoot A fish that scores 5 points and die with 2-3 bullets, it’s better than choosing to shoot fish B that you have. 10 points, but it takes 7-8 kill shots, so saving ammunition. It will definitely have a positive effect on you in the long run.
  • When choosing to shoot any fish We must shoot with speed. Focus on yourself with the middle fish. The big fish can shoot along with the players. It will also help you get points for killing big fish. Don’t focus too much on shooting small fish. Even though a small fish Easy to shoot, easy to die, fast. But don’t forget that we’re wasting ammo as well. value calculation Before choosing a fish to shoot, it is very important not to overlook it.
  • Master This formula is taken from All fish shooting masters accumulated experience Play until you become proficient. The master revealed the secret that shooting that fish When the bullet goes out and hits the wall Our bullets will have a reflex. So we will use this technique. by waiting for the we want to die swim into the corner first and slowly fired a bullet. will make it worth more Chasing and without a plan.